Buttercup Mobile Bingo

The players can register at Buttercup mobile bingo and instantly get a bonus of £15, which does not require any deposit. The player has the option of spending the deposit wisely, wherever he wants, whether it’s a bingo game or any slot game. As soon as players decides o deposit an initial amount (minimum being £5), they will receive a bonus package up to a whopping 900%!

In fact, this is one of the best in the market today!

The Mobile Bingo App

As players register, they instantly get access to all the bingo and slot games that the site has to offer. The main feature of the site is its compatibility with almost all mobile devices, including iPhones and Android devices and tablets.

Players also get access to over 35 slot games, along with various casino games and many bingo rooms. In order to access this, all the players need is a good internet connection and they can choose anything that they’d like to play!

Another main feature of the app is its ability to directly load in the browser; hence, the player does not need to download the games. They can directly access them through the app.

A Wide Range of Bonuses and Promotions

When players are a part of Buttercup mobile bingo, they can enjoy various promotions as well as a variety of bonuses. Listed below are some of the promos and offers that you can take advantage of right away!

  • £15 welcome bonus without deposit
  • 900% deposit bonus
  • 350% more on the very first deposit
  • 20% cash back on slots
  • Interactive mobile software
  • Quizzes, free bingo and chat rooms

A Variety of Bingo Games

The players can find all the games from 30-ball speed bingo to various classic games including 90-ball games as well as slots such as Reel Rush. The tickets are not very expensive. They start from 1p, hence, making sure that you get a bang for your buck from a mere £15!

If you are looking to make a lot of money, you can choose to use the money on certain games, which start with 50p tickets. You also get a chance to play unlimited by raising the bet and adding more lines. Have a look at the latest promo codes here.

Indulge in a Few Slots Games

The gaming software used by Buttercup bingo is Cozy Games, which has some of the best games. Although the variety isn’t great, the few and selected games are of high quality and fairly rewarding.

The players can enjoy the game on both, their mobile devices as well as their computer desktops, with no difference in the fun element!

In Summary…

If you’re looking for a mobile bingo platform, why not give Buttercup bingo a try. It is an interesting new site that offers a fairly decent bonus without any deposit. Apart from that, it is safe and secure.

Players who join the site can avail £15 worth of bingo cash instantly, and that too at no additional cost. It can be a really profitable experience to join the site and go through the various games available.

Overall, the site does not have too many games to offer to new slot lovers, but the games available will suffice as they are capable of some great payouts, which keep the players on their toes. The mobile version makes the players carry bingo and slot games with them wherever they go!

Top 7 Luxury Hotels in London

London is known as one of the best cities in the world for various reasons. Whether it’s for commerce, travel, fashion, holidays or fun, it is the city that has it all. No wonder then tourists and professionals from across the world visit this city very often.

London has transformed itself into a welcoming modern city with roots of tradition that seamlessly come together to create an unforgettable experience for every visitor. The streets, the food, the business and everything else in London are tourist-friendly, making your stay as comfortable as possible.

It is no surprise, therefore, that the hotels in London are extremely chic and stylish, giving you every possible comfort to make you feel exceptional. Here is a list of top seven luxury hotels in London which are expensive, and worth the stay-an experience to be treasured for life!

#1-The Savoy

This 5-star hotel is centrally located in London, close to St. Paul’s Cathedral and Lyceum theatre. The rooms are customised and well-decorated, and offer city and river views to guests. You can also treat yourself to some extravagant spa treatments and enjoy the recreational activities in the hotel. If you are visiting for business, this is a good hotel as it promises some great business features as well.

#2-One Aldwych

This premium luxury hotel is located in the heart of the city, close to Covent Garden. The hotel rooms showcase contemporary design, while the service is extremely warm and friendly. Your business can be easily taken care of with the cutting-edge technology offered by the hotel in various services.

#3-Rocco Forte Brown’s Hotel

Located in Albemarle Street, Mayfair, this hotel is an epitome of luxury and fashion. It brings together modern British luxury with a taste of historic elegance to all its clients. You can indulge in some refreshing spa therapies or take your taste buds on a world-tour at the world-class restaurants.

#4-The Dorchester

This is an elegant hotel located in Mayfair and offers a fantastic view of the green landscape of Hyde Park. The service at this hotel is truly unbeatable and the design showcases the 1930’s glamour with a refreshing contemporary look. The hotel has some exceptional restaurants and a newly renovated spa experience for a complete luxury experience

#5-The Park Tower Knightsbridge

This hotel is at a walking distance from the Hyde Park and incorporates luxury collection like no other. This 5-star hotel boasts of 280 rooms that bring together all elements of a luxury living to make your stay an extremely comfortable one. They also have a great casino where you can challenge your luck and make some money while you indulge in pure luxury.

#6-Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

This luxury hotel is located in close proximity to the city and is near to Royal Albert Hall and Harrod’s. The hotel looks like a kingdom, welcoming you to experience royal luxury at its best. It also gives you a brilliant view of the city and offers some great dining options for a romantic dinner date as well.

#7-The Langham

This 5-star hotel is close to the Oxford Circus and Buckingham Palace. It is a huge property with 380 rooms that offer unbeatable luxury to each guest. The entertainment, recreation, spa and business facilities complement the price and make your experience truly enriched. If you are looking for some great luxury relaxation, this is surely the place to be!

London is surely one of the most visited cities in the world and the luxury hotel offerings in this city make sure you get a world-class living experience when in London. If you are planning a holiday or a business trip to London, and want to splurge on some extravagant comfort, these are surely made for you!

Restaurants in London

Have you ever been to London or you are just planning to spend some time there? Whatever the case is, you are bound to know that the place is not only nice. When it comes to foods, the place also offers a wide selection of these, which can be seen in restaurants in London. Of course, going to London involves the need for food. Luckily, you have a lot of foods to choose from. Just choose from these selections of restaurants and your meal is settled. Of course, your option does not include McDonalds or Subway. One good thing about these restaurants is that you get a chance to eat your foods leisurely in a place with good ambience. Just imagine yourself in that situation. It is what you will feel when eating in the following best restaurants in London.

  • Zaibatsu

Even in London, you will get the chance to enjoy the best Japanese food. That is made possible because of the presence of the Japanese restaurants in the place. If you are craving for such food, try out those offered at Zaibatsu. The place may be small, but you will forget about that aspect once you taste the dishes on the menu. The restaurant features a great menu paired with a nice ambience, which can be both enjoyed at a very nominal rate.

  • Ledbury Restaurant

You can try out the dishes offered at the restaurant while you are at Notting Hall. You can easily find it on Ledbury Road. From the owner itself, you will already be tempted to taste the foods you can have there. What you will taste in the restaurant is the delicious English cuisines. If you are interested to experience tasting the food here, do not forget to book early.

  • The Foyer at Claridge

Are you fond of sipping tea after dinner? This London restaurant is perfect for you. But, that is not the only thing you can enjoy here. If you want to spend dinner with your family, this may already be the right place. In here, you will be served with an elaborate dinner and experience the perfect service. You can also hold get-togethers or parties here.

Enjoying food at such restaurants is a simple luxury that every individual deserves to experience. With these restaurants in London, it is not only made possible. It will also be experienced in all perfection. 

Hotels in London

You would agree if one said that London is Europe’s most popular and visited tourist destination. In this popularity, the famous London hotels will surely come up. If you are going to visit within the area, the accommodation is the first thing you will plan out. Fortunately, in London, that is not something that you need to plan or ensure for a long time. The place has a fair share of these accommodations including hotels and you will have the chance to pick from the wide selection available. The selections are also suited to anyone’s budget, which means that it is offered at a price everyone can afford. These hotels are the primary reasons that made the place vibrant apart from its popular destinations.

The Hotels In the Area

  • London Hotels are Conveniently Situated in the Center of the City. You will agree that location is the most important factor that needs to be considered when choosing a place where you can stay while visiting a place. In London, you will be greatly benefitted by that aspect. That is because most of the accommodations are near the city’s center. And with that, you are able to roam around the city without travelling for a long time from your hotel to the city. Some of the hotels in London may be situated close to neighborhoods. But, it is often near the city too.
  • Hotels in London are Just Nearby Public Transportation. It is more convenient to be close to public transportations when visiting any place and exploring its famous destinations. That is one of the good things about London hotels. Wherever you want to go, you can simply go to bus stations and underground stations depending on your destination, and you will reach it.
  • Book Accommodations that Are Suited to Your Budget. The first of the hotels in London served as homes to aristocratic families. It was then converted to hotels. Thus, if it is about saving in the booking of accommodations, these hotels will be advantageous.
  • Complete in Amenities and Great Services. People are guaranteed that they will be provided with clean and fair-sized rooms. It even includes en suite facilities, which is perfect for families and couples. These London hotels also feature colored TV and even serve nice breakfasts.

These things define hotels in London. It is the reason why lots of people are going to and spending vacation in the place.

Things to Do In London

There is no doubt that London is one of the ideal vacation destinations across the globe. However, the beauty of London comes with a price as this is also one of the most expensive cities to visit. While London vacation is expensive, there are plenty of things that you can do here for free, and you will be surprised that things are actually fun to do.

If you are in London and wondering what things you can do for the day, why not try museum hopping? Most of the museums in the city are free to visit. So, take your jacket and boots on and visit one to three museums in the city. You can spend few hours admiring the galleries and exhibits in the world class museums in the city. You can have an idea about the history of the city and the UK while watching the art galleries and exhibits in the city’s magnificent museums.

After museum hopping, you can take window shopping at high end boutiques in the urban streets of the city. It is nice to visit shops that are extremely different from those at home. You can also visit the street markets and you will find interesting shops that sell books, accessories, and souvenirs. The streets in the Portobello Road in Notting Hill are home to lots of shops that sell flea market finds and second hand goods. The market here is open from Mondays to Saturdays and closed during Sundays.

If you want see the entire city from the top, you can visit the Tower of London. This architecture has served the city for over many years. The Tower of London has served as the royal palace, a jewel house, and a prison. This place is a must see attraction for all tourists visiting London. However, be reminded that the guided tours can be noisy and crowded.

If you have all of the time in the day, why not spend your time sitting in the Piccadilly Square and Trafalgar Square? Watching from this place is free, and you will see different types of people in the city. Spending a couple of hours soaking the flavor of the place is relaxing. If you prefer a quieter place, you can stay in the Covent Garden and enjoy the entertaining acts of the street performers here.

No matter what time of the year you visit London, you can never have enough of the things to do here.


What Makes London So Great

One of the world’s biggest cities, London is at the front position of contemporary culture. It is a city leading the way in entertainment, art, and fashion. This beautiful city also holds some alluring conventional elements from double deck buses to beautiful, traditionally designed buildings.

London is for everyone. Children marveling at their favored Madam Tussauds’ pop stars. Young adults will enjoy the radical nightlife and bright lights of the West End and the Picadilly Circus. More mature individuals will love to absorb the prosperous culture through visiting the Buckingham Palace’s likes.

You may roam around this marvelous city by comfortably seating in one of the classic black cabs that will surely provide you a very comfortable and spacious ride or take a tour of the city via a huge double deck bus. Aside from these transport modes, London also offers an underground subway system, which will enable you to spend longer tours without too much expense.

As compared to much of the places in the United Kingdom, the weather in London is milder. Therefore, it is usually pleasant enough for strolling around the avenues as well. The attractive architecture of the traditional buildings blends with the active street performers in the Covent Garden for an ideal afternoon stroll.

Even though it is a busy place, London has managed to boost its tourist infrastructure. An excellent way to begin your day in the city is to ride on the London Eye. Situated just south of the Thames River, London Eyen provides an exceptional view of the entire city. Centrally, it is located and near to several more tourist destinations. In summer, you may wish to continue by taking some walks on the London Bridge to the Houses of Parliament. During winter season, you may take your refuge within the conventional English pub.

A vacation spent in London would not be completed without visiting the excellent Buckingham Palace on which you can watch the alterations of guards. In close proximity is the Hyde Park. This is an amazing place to stroll and a place to get away from the busy crowds in any place.

Another great place to visit in London is the popular Westminster Palace. The 2 houses of the UK’s parliament, the Residence of Lords and the Residence of Commons connect in this Palace. It was in 1840 when it was built that was proposed by Sir Charles Barry. Visitors could purchase tickets for a 75 minutes tour inside the Palace all through the opening of summer. It is indeed an interesting place to visit.

British Museum is another interesting spot for London visitors. Usually, it is a museum that displays the collection of artifacts that come from around the world regarding human culture and history. Situated in the Great Russell Street, this museum’s collections hold the artifacts originated from early civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Renaissance Period and China. It will uncover the best of world’s history, which makes it a great place to visit.

Literally, there are a lot of tourist attractions that make the beautiful city if London for being one of the most common tourist destinations worldwide. So, make sure to stop by if you plan to spend for a vacation.

The History of London

The capital of England, London holds the biggest urban zone within the European Union and is recognized for its excellent tourism. London becomes very popular for the Royal Family, football, teatime and Harry Potter. It is an excellent spot to explore since each and every corner in the city is depicting its culture.

The outpost that will become London initially shows up in history as a minute military storage house that was used by 1the Romans when they invade Britain, which started in A.D. 43. Such outpost was located ideally as the trading center with a continent that later on turned into an essential port. That already become headquarter of the Procurator, who was the in charge official of the Roman Britain’s finances, when the Queen of the Iceni known as Boudica burnt it onto the ground during A.D. 61. By the year 100, it was reestablished and initially displays as “Londinium” in the Annals of Tacitus.

Londinium promptly became equally the local capital and the Roman Britain’s commercial, financial, and administrative center. By the mid of the 3rd century, the capital’s population had numbered somewhat around 30,000 people.

In 50 years, this number had grown almost doubling that number. People there lived within the city that is complemented with temples, offices, paved streets, brick-fields, public baths, glassworks, potteries, shops, elaborate villas, shops and modest homes, which are surrounded by 3mi. of stone walls (parts of them still remain) that used to be 8 feet thick on the base and maximum of 20 feet in height.

However, during the period of 4th century, while the Roman Empire has started to cave in, Roman Londinium was brought down to darkness due to the withdrawal of its protective Legions. History does not hold any trace of its record from 457 to 600. But, during that time, it slowly turned to be the Saxon trading town, promptly one of significant size. In similar century, Christianity has been introduced to this city having St. Augustine being appointed as the bishop.

Later on, the name was changed and called Lunduntown. After the Norman Conquest, the city’s preeminence began during 1066. Even though William the Conqueror was crowned in Westminster Abbey, distrusting the city’s Saxon populace, he constructed several fortresses in the city walls. These fortresses include some still extant parts of the Tower of London and Westminster Hall.

During 1176, work started on the new stone bridge replacing the one made of wood that Romans constructed several years before. Acquiring the Old London Bridge name, the new bridge was finished in year 1209. It would be existent till 1832, keeping the mere bridge across Thames till 1750.

During the Industrial Revolution, London’s Urbanization along with some other English cities has continued and even intensified, which goes through the 19th century. In year 1854, the American Liverpool’s consul, Nathaniel Hawthorne has recorded the melancholy entrance in one of his produced English notebooks. It was then form of melancholy for the quickly disappearing rural past that led William Morris from founding the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings.

Now, London has become one of the most popular cities in England that just about every individual would want to visit.

Help Make it Happen

The project aims to include the cultural and physical diversity of the population that makes up London. But
this is not just about participation but about bringing value through off-shoot projects specifically designed for schools and groups.
This is a small selection of who we have reached so far.

New World Record

Hackney Artist Clare Newton Took
21 months to create New World Record
When two years ago artist and inventor Clare
Newton conceived the idea of creating the
worlds longest photograph to coincide with the
2012 London Olympics, she knew it was going
to be a mega challenge.
Like many people, Hackney-based artist Clare
felt it was a shame that only people who can
really hope to compete in the Olympics Games
are those who have the opportunity to dedicate
their whole lives to practicing there sport.
However, as someone who primarily lives
through her art endeavours, Clare firmly
believes that art, if properly harnessed, could
be used in a very democratic way to help
enhance education, inclusiveness and
enjoyment of the Olympic Celebrations.
Accordingly, Clare devised a grand plan that
involved the creation of the worlds longest
photograph, capturing the demographics of
Londoners – an exciting mix of nationalities,
abilities, colours and mods, as well as a highly
divergent range of backdrops and
environments- all literally jumping for joy.
The Project took 21 months – a labour of love,
with Clare organising 87 participating events, 8
schools, 1 University, 3 paralympian teams,
celebrities and special needs children. Taking
81,000 photographs of 1200 jumpers then
painstakingly blending each images to create
one gigantic panoramic photograph measuring
just under 1 kilometre in length. Clare raised
nearly 1/2 million in sponsorship (in Kind) to
produce the photograph.

Prints available to purchase
please contact Clare